Wednesday, October 26, 2011

History of Waterford Fire Department

Waterford Fire Station, photo by Brody Tuite
You can get a great set of dates and changes at this site:

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Civil War Veterans at West Waterford Cemetery

Marcus A. Hovey, d. Feb 22, 1864, at Wash DC; cred. to Marlboro VT; Co G, 1st Cavalry, enl. 4 Jan 1864, "died of disease" 22 Feb 1864, age 18 yrs
George W. Harvey. killed at Cold Harbor VA, June 3, 1864; Co. I, Vt 3rd Red
Milo M. Harvey, Co. _, 3rd Vt Reg, b Jan 12 1846, d May 7, 1872; was prob cred to Charleston, Vermont, when he enlisted
James W. Curtis, d. Dec 3, 1891, age 58 yrs; enl. 28 Aug 1862, Co K, Vt 15th, mustered out 5 AUg 1863
Austin Goodell, died in battle at Charlestown, VA, Agu 21, 1864, age 33; Co I, 3rd Vt Reg; also listed as buried at Winchester Natl Cem (so the stone for him is probably just a marker, without a body)
John V. Goodell, died in hospital, Baltimore, MD: b ~1843, d Nov 28, 1864, Co C, Vt 8th Infantry (enlisted Aug 31 1864)

Civil War Veterans at Lower Waterford Cemetery

James N. Joslin, b Jan 11, 1843, d Mar 18, 1863; Co A, 1st Vt Reg, Vt Heavy Artillery
Harlan P. Ross, b about 1841, d Mar 18, 1863; Co A, 1st Vt Reg, Vt Heavy Artillery -- died at Fort Totten
Alson R. Ross, b. Nov 17, 1832, d. Mar 16, 1886; registered in draft, credited to Barnet
Martin L. Green, b, Sept 10, 1832, d May 24, 1921, registered in draft, credited to Waterford
Charles Ross, b Sept 3, 1838, d Nov 14, 1926; Co A. 11th Reg Vt Vols

Civil War Veterans at Stiles Cemetery, Waterford

Here is the stone for Joseph W. Hutchinson, killed at Cold Harbor on June 10, 1838; he was born 23 July 1838. 11th VT INF.

The stone for James L. Marshall (believed buried in this cemetery) is gone; however, I can confirm that his full name was James Lawton Marshall, that he was married to Licetta Stiles (d. 1910), and that a daughter survived the war, Emily Marshall (appears she never married though; died 1899). James was born around 1846. I'm including, FYI, the stone of one of their early-deceased children, which gave me his wife's name and allowed digging up the details that I did find.