Monday, October 26, 2020

Waterford's Vietnam Veterans: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

Nola Forbes presents the Vietnam veterans of Waterford, Vermont. She writes: "Here is my submission related to archives at my house.  As a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) member, we have partnered with the Dept of Defense to distribute materials related to the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War.  So I have tried to reach as many Waterford vets as possible in the past few years.  The Commemoration will still be going a few more years."

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Travels of "Red" Morrison's Model: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

One of the historians of Waterford, Vermont, was Dr. C. E. Harris, who wrote A Vermont Village to sum up his own recollections and research. The search for a missing "Red" Morrison model led to Dr. Harris's late-in-life residence. Dave Morrison tells the story.

Click here for the short video in which Dave explains.

Who Made These Waterford Models?: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

One of four Morrison models that Waterford treasures.

Dave Morrison's grandfather William John Morrison preserved Waterford, Vermont, history through making models of local structures, and unusual and wonderful form of archiving knowledge and understanding. Dave explains the details of his grandfather's life.

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The History of Waterford's Covered Bridge: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

Waterford's covered bridge at the foot of Maple Street once linked Lower Waterford to Littleton, New Hampshire.

Although you may think of "archives" as made up of pieces of paper, the Waterford Historical Society's mission to preserve our history and stories also involves listening to and valuing people's memories and research. Dave Morrison explains his grandfather's handmade model of this Vermont town's long-vanished covered bridge.

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Tools from the Barn at Ray-Don Rag Cow Apple Farm: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

One of the oldest barns standing in Waterford, Vermont, today.

"Archives" usually refers to documents, but history is also maintained through talking about objects. Here Donna Rae Heath of Waterford, Vermont, presents the remaining barn from her family's farm and some of the tools she saved from its years of active use. Notice how "farming" extends also to logging on a Vermont homestead.

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More Local Waterford Vermont History from Donna Heath: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

This photo's importance came from the truck way in the background!

Even though Donna Rae Heath created her family farm notebook to capture the history of the farm, there's a lot more to discover from her images and stories. School trips, logging, fun!

Check out this short video and enjoy two minutes of details and insight.

Donna Heath's Family Farm Notebook: A Vermont Archives Month Presentation

Photo of Donna Rae Heath's parents, in her farm notebook.

Donna Rae Heath created a notebook of photos and documents that show her family's farm, where she grew up and still resides. This is a great example of a "family archive," which can be put together easily to save and treasure history and memories.

Click here to watch this short video and enjoy stories of Waterford, Vermont, from Donna. (Video by Helen Chantal Pike.)