Wednesday, October 26, 2011

History of Waterford Fire Department

Waterford Fire Station, photo by Brody Tuite
You can get a great set of dates and changes at this site:

Anyone have some photos or anecdotes to add?

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  1. From last night's Waterford History Group gathering: Matt Lewis (now in fire dept) says Waterford initially had no fire department at all, and relied on coverage from whichever town was closest to a fire: St. Johnsbury, Concord, Littleton. Pressure for a town fire department came when the barn by Exit 1 of I-93 burned, as the last in a string of disastrous fires that season. The first vehicle put to use was a Jeep, which was rehabbed repeatedly and finally went out of service just a few years ago. The first (1985-ish) structure for the department was an extra bay added to the town garage on Duck Pond Road.