Friday, September 21, 2012

More Waterford, Vermont, Postmasters

I've already typed today the 150-years brochure from the Lower Waterford Post Office. In the same folder where this was found is another document, typed, with Marvel E. Denis, Oct 4, 1980, added at the end of the Lower Waterford list.

In addition, the following are in this stapled two-page typescript document, which appears to be a photocopy:

Waterford, Caledonia County, Vermont
Established as Waterford-Littleton (date not given)
Littleton dropped from office name (date not given)
Discontinued on February 28, 1935 (mail to Lower Waterford)

Postmasters                    Appointment Dates
                             Through February 28, 1935

Nathan Pike           *July 1, 1807
Luther Pike              April 28, 1808
Laban Hemingway     December 15, 1817
Charles Davis          November 24, 1819
Richard F. Rowell   September 4, 1826
Charles Davis           March 5, 1828
Robert Taggard        October 27, 1828
Ephraim C. Parks      September 1, 1829
Milo K. Parks           October 3, 1849
Luther P. Hosmer      February 11, 1856
Ebeneezer M. Wheeler   April 29, 1857
John C. Frye                July 20,  1860
Charles C. Moulton     June 18, 1861
Ephraim C. Parks       November 25, 1863
Harvey C. Kinne        November 21, 1881
Seth P. Moulton          August 24, 1885
Fred A. Watson          October 21, 1885
Niles G. Johnson       December 9, 1887
Hiram M. Parks         August 6, 1889
William H. Bailey     July 12, 1894
Wilfred Cleasby        September, 10, 1898
Clara E. Cleasby       February 19, 1901
Edward M. Brown     February 26, 1904
Myra P. Parker           February 26, 1906
Flora W. Wallace       April 9, 1907

West Waterford, Caledonia County, Vermont
Established on January 5, 1856
Discontinued on February 28, 1902 (mail to Saint Johnsburg) [sic]
Reestablished on April 8, 1902
Discontinued on June 30, 1905 (mail to Saint Johnsburg) [sic]

Postmasters                  Appointment Dates
                               Through June 30, 1905

Amos B. Carpenter      January 5, 1856
James W. Curtis           April 21, 1862
Amos B. Carpenter      October 31, 1862
Edwin L. Hovey          December 11, 1863
Amos B. Carpenter      August 25, 1864
Cosbi B. Carpenter      August 13, 1884
Cosbi B. Carpenter (Reappointed)    April 8, 1902
Mabel H. Carpenter       July 16, 1903

Gaskill, Caledonia County, Vermont
Established on March 9, 1894
Discontinued on December 31, 1901 (mail to Saint Johnsburg) [handwritten y over final letter[

Only Postmasters           Appointment Dates

Fred M. Hovey             March 9, 1894
Frank E. Dexter            January 18, 1895

IN A SECOND FOLDER, a later list of Lower Waterford Post Office includes a column of titles, all of which are "Postmaster," until these final entries:

Name                                  Title                Date

Mrs. Gertrude B. Curran    Acting Postmaster  09/01/1946
Mitchell J. Curran             Postmaster  01/30/1947
Mrs. Dorothy P. Morrison    Acting Postmaster  01/18/1955
Mrs. Dorothy P. Morrison   Postmaster  10/21/1955
Yvonne M. Raynor   Officer-in-Charge  06/13/1980
Mrs. Marvel E. Denis   Postmaster 09/20/1980
Denise Hindle    Officer-in-Charge  09/29/2003
Bruce A. Killian   Postmaster 05/29/2004
Nathan Morse  Officer-in-Charge 07/24/2012 [last line handwritten in ink]


  1. I plan on giving a series of history lectures at the Davies Library over the next few months, starting with the third Thursday in October, the 18th. The exact topic for these lectures has not been finalized. Jen D'Agostino and Matt Lewis have suggested that histories of the Connecticut River Valley, the Civil War, and the Vietnam War would be especially well received. I have already had a class on Vietnam History prepared, so that topic seems especially likely. Does anyone else out there have any ideas?

    Also, I tried for about an hour to figure out how to post this elsewhere in the blog. I've never blogged before, I may need to have someone else explain it to me. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Nathan. Glad to have your message! Welcome to Waterford History. Sounds like an exciting lecture series!

    Anyone can comment on this blog, although their comment won't show up until I get time to authorize it (we have "comment moderation" in place to keep out the endless spam). For putting up actual posts, you need an "author invitation" from me (blog administrator). Could you come join us at one of the Waterford Historical meetings, so we can all get acquainted and be on the same page? Also, just give us your e-mail and I'll issue the author tag to you. E-mail me directly at BethPoet at gmail dot com.