Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adams - Babcock Cemetery Emerges from the Wild! Thank You, Laura Benoit.

What difference can one person make? Girl Scout Laura Benoit of Waterford, Vermont, showed us all, as she and her team of family and friends tackled clearing and re-making the path to the Adams-Babcock Cemetery on East Village Road, on August 17, 2013.

Laura is working on her Silver Award in the Scouts, and she'll probably be making a presentation to the Waterford History group later in the year. Her hope is that with her work as a head start, people will agree to maintain the cemetery in better shape than it has been.

If you look closely at these photos, you'll see why the burial ground's other name was the Myrtle Cemetery!  Before Laura's recent work, the path was blocked by downed trees, and the stones were half hidden by green growth all around them. Thank you so much, Laura!

More on this cemetery here:


  1. How wonderful that Girl Scout Laura Benoit tackled this long overdue civic project! What emerged is an important part of Waterford's history, and for that we all are grateful. Brava Laura!

  2. I believe the last time the Adams-Babcock cemetery was cleaned up was nearly 30 years ago. That time it was part of a joint project between Waterford and E. St. Johnsbury to replace the grave marker for Submit Adams, said to be the first woman to set up housekeeping in St. Johnsbury. Members of the group involved at that time included Waterford historian Eugenia Powers along with Rev. Scudder Parker, Edward Lee, and Rolfe Schoppe of E. St. Johnsbury. A picture of the four individuals involved in that re-dedication ceremony appeared in the July 30th,1984 edition of the Caledonian-Record. Thanks to Laura Benoit and her team for all their hard work!

  3. And thank you for the added information, Joan!