Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Annual Waterford, Vermont, Barn Tour

Our self-driving barn tour was off to a lovely start today, as a soft mist clung to the hills before a bright sunny day. Here are a few photos as generous barn owners prepared to open their historic structures to visitors.

Donna Heath's display of old tools and "parts":

Donna's photo display, giving visitors a sense of farm history, as well as the less accessible upper floor of her barn:

Mary Florio's welcome to visitors at her 1857 double barn:

Mary's collection of photos shared by the Remick family, who owned the barn before her, over generations:

Sharron Caplan's decorative entryway to the barn at Dream Catcher Farm:

The event room on the main barn floor at Dream Catcher, ready for the next gathering:

In addition to these wonderful opportunities, the Lee family opened its "high drive" (not visible from Route 18) so that 94-year-old Mrs. Geneva Powers Wright could see the interior of the barn, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors at the Davies Memorial Library shared their passion for Waterford's barns and beauty. The Concord Historical Society also hosted a table during the group's open house today, for the barn tour maps and barn documents. Heartfelt thanks to all who collaborated, share resources, visited, smiled.

To see more of the barns in detail, click here:

And one last reminder: If your Vermont town would like to hear about how Waterford's history group (a library interest group) is documenting our barns, simply and effectively, let us know; we can visit and share our experience.

Now, it's your turn: Did you take any photos of Vermont barns that you'd like to share here?


  1. The Remick family photos shared Top Left is my grandfather Henry E. Remick.