Friday, January 29, 2016

Waterford Archives: Action! (Housekeeping in the Good Old Days, by Ella Douse)

The bell perched on the library roof used to remind people that it was time to be working! (see White Village history)
If you think archiving is some sort of dull "filing" task, you've never taken part in the Waterford Historical Society archiving sessions! The next one is Saturday January 30 from 9 to noon, in the hallway of the town office, at 532 Maple Street in Lower Waterford (downstairs from the library). Pull up a chair and explore newspaper clippings that reveal community structure; sort photos, often mysterious; discover how the scraps of written material and images come together to show how families have grown and interacted over the centuries in our Connecticut River town.

Here is a document from the archives, by Ella Douse, who wrote this as part of the town's bicentennial activities. It's a good read!


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