Saturday, July 16, 2016

Union Baptist Church Celebrates "100 Years of God's Faithfulness"

How big is 100 years of history? The timeline created by Tanya (Ribble) Powers at the Union Baptist Church for this weekend's celebration of the Waterford/St. Johnsbury congregation takes up more than 70 feet of wall space ... Here, photos that give some feel for the amazing project, which combines the church milestones (upper panels) with town, regional, state, and national ones, from the 1700s to today. Click on individual images for more detail.

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  1. One of the first to settle in Waterford from my family was Joseph Woods, born in 1758 in Groton, MA. He died in Waterford on July 16, 1839. One of his daughters, Diadamia was born in Waterford lNovember 4, 1780. James Woods was from another side of the family.