Friday, August 26, 2016

"Catching the Stories": Video and Audio Records of Our Oral History

At the Hastings School, 1932, courtesy of Vivian Davis.
The "Oral History Team" of the Waterford Historical Society has been working hard in 2016! Recording interviews with our older residents is a high priority for us, so we can all keep listening and learn more about our town's past.

With the help of a skilled Lyndon State College graduate, this summer the interview files have been placed on YouTube so everyone can watch them. There are already three that show the interviews in action, and a fourth one (of Elizabeth Rudd Knights) that provides the sound, with just a pair of photos. We'll add more photos to this when we can; there is also an interview with Vivian Davis coming soon.

Please take a look-and-listen:

And think about what you might like to share about your own connections with Waterford, Vermont!

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