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Charles Hill Cemetery, West Waterford -- Notes from BK

Hill Cemetery, Waterford, VT, 6/5/11

Working from south side to north:

Ambrose Hill, died May 10, 1883, AE 70 yrs, 5 mos & 11 das. [P2]
1880 Census, shown as widower, Waterford, living with Charles T. Hill 37, Julia C. Hill 24, and 3 children (George A., Charlotte E., Louisa J.) (George Ambrose Hill shows up in WW I draft registration cards) (1860 Census includes Curtis R. 23, Charles S. 18, Josephina A. 16, William W. 10, Ann D 17; Curtis R. has a draft card, died in Lyndon VT, no sign of having served)
Louisa, wife of Ambrose Hill, died Nov. 6, 1861, AE 51 yrs 5 mos.
William W., son of A. & L. Hill, died Mar. 15, 1882, AE 32 yrs 5 mos [P1]
Robert Hill, died June 21, 1865, AE 22 [P3] (son of Hiram b. 1819 and Susan b. 1821; siblings Louisa, Hiram C., Kate, and Ida; Census)
Adaline Hill, Mar. 10,  1849, AE 23 months
John son of David Olief Hutcherson, died Oct. 20, 1822, the 25 year of his AE [spelling varies in town records, also Hutchinson; early settler Benjamin Hutchinson]
Walton N. Hill, died May 22, 1846, AE 45
Sarah, wife of Walton Hill, died Sept. 26, 1843, AE 36 Yrs
Homer P. Hill, son of M. W. & M. A. Hill, died Apr. 18, 1915, AE 22 yrs
John W. Campbell, 1852-1922
Minot W. Hill, died Dec. 29, 1899, AE 35 yrs [son of Philemon and Martha Hill]
Amya P. 
William, son of James and Philura Tyler, died March 10, 1821, aged 2 mos & 11 days [Philina?]
Anna M, daughter of Jefs & Et-erlindia Tyler, aged 3 yrs
Eben Farnham Jr., died Oct. 2 1859, aged 79
Louisa, wife of Eben Farnham, died Aug. 6, 1871
Captain Thomas Hill, died Aug. 10, 1860, AE 86 [P5]
Susan, his wife, died Dec. 8, 1808, ae 20
Jemima, his 2nd wife, died Dec. 18, 1863, ae 79
Philemon Hill, died Oct. 21, 1899, ae 84 yrs [P4]
Martha, wife of Philemon Hill, died July 15, 1908, ae 83 yrs
Moses Wright, Feb. 7, 1748-June 4, 1821 [Rev. War vet plaque]
George, son of Simeon & Rebecah Hill, died June 21, 1815, age 6 months
[another son] age 12 yrs
Simeon Hill
Rebekah Hill
Caleb Bugbee, died Sept. 24, 1821
Joanna, wife of Caleb Bugbee 
Lucinda Calkins, wife of Elijah Ware, died Sept. 23, 1875, aged 70 yrs

Photos available on request; the only Hill from this family confirmed to have served in the Civil War, Charles W. Hill, is buried at Fredericksburg National Cemetery, says TLD.

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  1. I'm hoping that someone could help me. I believe that my 3rd great grandmother, Julia, was the daughter of Walton & Sarah (Hunt) Hill. She was born 10 May 1832 in Waterford. All I know is that her father's name was Walton Hill. Is there anyone that more information? I'm unable to find a birth record for Julia. Thank you!

    Darcie Lozinski