Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Dozen Cemeteries in Waterford

At Riverside Cemetery, this stone honors Waterford author Robert (Bob) Pike and his wife Helene.  Double-click to enlarge.
As the Waterford Historical Group tackles documenting the town's cemeteries -- and catching the related stories and history -- we are working from a long list of locations:
Powers Cemetery, Daniels Farm Rd
Pike Cemetery, at rear of Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery, off Route 18, southeast of Lower Waterford
Charles Hill Cemetery, on the Gingue Farm
Adams/Babcock a.k.a. Myrtle a.k.a. Settlers Cemetery, East Village Rd
Cushman Cemetery, East Village Rd, across field
Passumpsic Village Cemetery
West Waterford Cemetery, Duck Pond Rd
Stiles Cemetery, Rt 18, across from treatment plant of Stiles Pond
Lower Waterford Cemetery, Duck Pond Rd
Possibly one stone left between Lawrence and Kroger properties

Hello, Waterford Historical Group: I know there should be 12 and I only have 11 here. What's missing? Thanks! BK

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