Saturday, April 26, 2014

20th-Century Restaurants Near Waterford

It was a pleasure to post the image of the Countryside Restaurant; here are two other dining spots just west of the Waterford/St. Johnsbury line where the buildings are still on the sites, but things have changed a great deal! The first is Aime's Restaurant and Motel (the local pronunciation of Aime in this case is "Amy"). Now with a dark blue exterior, it's a convenience store and gas station called Pettico Junction. When this postcard photo was taken -- maybe the 1950s? -- it was one of the popular dining spots, and for many years included wild game on the menu.

The second and third images (courtesy of Dave Kanell-- thank you!) are the front and back of a postcard of Gerard and Susan Pilette's Frosty Bar, a bit further west along Route 2 (across the road from the current Fairbanks Scales structure). I remember stopping here with my small children, maybe around 1982 or a couple of years later. Now the building is painted white, and after many years of being empty, a "P" sign has announced permitted construction taking place. Wonder what's next? And will the Holstein go back onto the roof??

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  1. Even "modern" history needs to be recorded and shared -- especially while we still remember some of the pleasures of these places and moments!

  2. If you are on Facebook, please do look at the comments today (April 28) where Vermont's Northland Journal has shared a link to this -- some great local memories!

  3. Here are the Facebook comments on the Frosty Bar, with initials for those who posted. Thanks for sharing the memories!

    ER: i see people working on this place now i wonder if it is going to be a restaurant again .last i knew leo tetrault owned it
    RD: When I was growing up we stopped here many times
    RD: It was so long ago. I left home in 73 but my favorites was the Burgers and of course Choclate Frosty
    DS: I was just a kid but man did we love the Frosty Bar. It was one of the few things that we could get Dad to splurge on. I don't know if we ever ate food there but we loved the soft serve ice cream and of course I always loved the cow on top.
    DS: I'm so happy to see a picture of it. I always regretted that we never got one.
    RD: I'm heading back to Vt this summer (in 45 or so days actually) I am hoping it will be reopened!
    ΜU: I only remember it being a Frosty Bar, open in the summers. I seem to remember my cousin Debbie being a car hop here.
    : Frosty Bar! A must on weekend nights. Never heard of Phil's. how old am I!
    GWC: the Frosty Bar! My sisters would let me come along once in a while. I remember the road in front of the place was black from all the kids “burning out” as they left.
    KM: OMG - spent many hours there. Never worked there but ate thousands of fries and gallons of coke.

  4. ST: I worked my sophomore year there in the dining room it sure was a fun place to be. It was the hang out spot for many years. It is reopening but not yet they are still working on it. I heard they are going to specialize in seafood and plan on having car hops. Hope all goes well for them it would be fun to have it open again.