Monday, April 14, 2014

"Modern" History: The Countryside Restaurant (Drive-In), Waterford, VT

The owners of the Countryside Restaurant in Lower Waterford were Gladys F. (Jewett) Whittemore (–1984) and her husband F. Earl Whittemore (1900–1987). Although this postcard is widely labeled "1950s" by sellers on the Internet, it seems likely to be from the early 1960s instead. Here are David Morrison's recollections on this popular business:
It started in the late '50s I think, quite small -- just gas pumps (Texaco) and ice cream window service. Gladys Whittemore was a great cook, especially known for her pies. Before the brush and trees grew up on the south side of the road, there was a good view down river.

Earl and Gladys got older. Don Douse, Barb's husband, remodeled the whole building into living quarters. ... I think what prompted the Whittemores to go into business was the passing of Mitchell Curran. He and his wife Gertrude ran a little store, gas station (Mobil), and the post office (between my grandmother and mother) on [Route] 18 at the top of the rise, leaving the village for St. J[ohnsbury].

The '50s into the '60s was a strong period for the local church. Gladys W., Elizabeth Wark, Bertha William, Hazel Morrison, and others were in their prime, church suppers were frequent; they also did the "much mourned" Town Meeting dinner.
What memories do you have of the Countryside and the Whittemores? Did you have a favorite among Gladys's pies? What else was on the menu?

Hope to hear from you soon!
The remodeled Countryside, a private home today.

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  1. A bit more material from David Morrison: "So the "white" part was the original gas station and ice cream window service. Notice the red air pump box and hose on the left corner of the white part. The restaurant part had an overhanging roof and outside walkway - when they closed the business, Don just built walls at the outside, took out the (now inside) walls, and they had a house!"