Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Waterford Hollow: The Stiles Farm and Cemetery

The Waterford Historical Society's "Green-Up" project this year focused on the Stiles Cemetery on Route 18, across the road from the water filtration plant for Stiles Pond Reservoir.

So here's the background on the area, with a photo (above) from the 1983 Waterford Town Report, taken from a C. H. Clark photo postcard. Look closely to see today's Route 18 between the barn and the pond; a high-rise entrance to the side of the barn farther from the pond; and the Stiles home, to the left of the barn in this photo. The three round structures are the earlier water filtration beds.

Here is the version of Waterford Hollow history (in which both the Stiles and Hill families play significant roles), as printed in that Town Report, written by the town's dedicated historian, Eugenia Powers. At the end are some photos showing the house foundation, not far from today's Stiles Cemetery, as WHS President Donna Heath explored it this month.

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