Monday, May 30, 2016

A Productive Memorial Day Challenge: The Hill Cemetery

At the Charles Hill Cemetery: Cross-checking stones and name with 1980 listing.
A small but hard-working contingent met at Waterford's Charles Hill Cemetery this morning to trim, prune, and tug at blackberry canes and overgrown honeysuckle, to reveal the wonderful stones in the far corner of the burying ground. Another round of volunteer labor is planned to trim the bushes around the Hill cenotaph. We were glad to cross-check the stones against the 1980 listing created by Eugenia Powers and find that no further damage or losses have taken place. A lot of stories must belong with the lives remembered here, and we'll keep looking for them, for the pleasure and honor of saluting those who've gone before us.

Vines and brambles grabbed at us.

This stone had almost vanished ...

Without the "brush" in the way, look how lovely it is!

Lines at the base of the stone. Best seen in person ... when do you plan to visit?

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