Thursday, November 10, 2011

This image shows farm buildings, a house, and a church in the village of Lower Waterford. There is an open field in the foreground with a wire fence and wooden gates near the barn. A dirt road passes between two barns on the left. There are several deciduous trees scattered around the valley with a few elms in front yards. A "Hotel" sign is on the roof of the white building in the back ("Rabbit Hill Motor Inn" operated by St. Johnsbury House Hotel for use as a summer hotel). It was in 1957 that the ballroom and carriage house were converted to guestrooms. A neon “MOTEL” sign graced the roof and a sign by the parking lot read: “Good Vermont Food”.
Church to the left. A forested hill (east slope of Hurlbutt Hill) is in the background of the photograph.

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