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More from "Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vt. 1764-1887"

Daniel and Nathan Pike, Jonathan Hutchinson and Luther Knight came to Waterford, from Royalston, Mass., and located in the eastern part of the town, in 1792. The Pike brothers brought with them a yoke of oxen, and having cleared some land and sowed some wheat, they returned to Royalston. In the spring of 1793, Daniel and his sons Luther and Nathan returned to Waterford, and in the fall he brought his wife and two daughters, Sally and Polly, twins, to the town. He built his cabin on the farm where S. B. Horr now lives. Nathan married Rebecca Miner, and reared eight sons and two daughters, viz.: Daniel, Brigham, Moses, Dennison, Nathan, Miner, Lois, Luther, Madison and Rebecca. Of these only two, Nathan and Lois, are living. The former was born here, in 1803, married Julia Joslyn, and has had born to him five sons and four daughters, of whom Jefferson H. died in the late war, and Robert lives with his father, at Waterford village. Nathan is one of the oldest natives of the town. Lois married Jeff Hosmer, of Littleton.

Jonathan Ross came to this town and located on road 47, in 1794. He reared four sons and two daughters, namely, Shubal, Eri, Royal, Abraham R., Mary and Lucy. Abraham R., the only son now living, was born in Waterford, in 1813, married, first, Hannah, daughter of Jonah and Hannah (Rice) Carpenter, in 1836, who bore him one son, Charles, and died in 1842. He married for his second wife Harriet N., daughter of John S. and Lydia Ricker, in 1843, and has had born to him one son, Aldace, who was born in 1843, and died in 1867. Charles, son of Abraham, was born in 1838, married Belle H., daughter of Charles and Nancy (Mason) Cutler, in 1866, and has had two sons and three daughters, viz.: Willie F., who died in 1884, Alice H., Carl A., Bertha L. and Mabel E. His wife died in 1884. Mr. Ross served in the late war, enlisting in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols., in 1862, was promoted to sergeant in 1864, and, with fifty-seven others, was taken prisoner at Welden Railroad, June 22, 1864, and was one of fifteen who survived those terrible sufferings. He was promoted to 2d lieutenant, June 2, 1865. Mr. Ross is a farmer, and resides in the village.

Royal M. Ross, son of Royal and Eliza (Mason) Ross. was born in 1832, married Martha C., daughter of Samuel and Lydia (Dyke) Cook, in 1857, and has one adopted son and one adopted daughter, Arthur P. and Lucy Alida. Mr. Ross resides on road 31.

Dea. Parley Church came to Waterford, from Mansfield, Conn, about 1795, and located on the place where H. C. Davis now lives. He married Zuriah Jacobs, and reared two sons and four daughters, viz.: Zuriah, who married John Brown and now lives at West Waterford, aged ninety-one years; Clarissa, who married William S. Morgan, the first male child born in Waterford; Susan, who married Timothy Weymouth; Shubal; Phebe, who married Joseph Shute; and Samuel. The latter was born in 1804, married Lucinda, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Manchester*) Felch, in 1820, and lias three sons and two daughters, namely, Samuel C., of Concord, Vt., Lovina and Lyman B., of Waterford, Allen J., of Littleton, N. H., and Celia A. (Mrs. S. B. Horr), of Waterford. Mr. Church died in November, 1886.

Sylvanus Hemingway, with his wife (Elizabeth Hopkins) and his two sons Laban and Cyrus, came to this town, from , Royalston, Mass., about 1795, and a log house just east of the place where Luther Hemingway now lives. He reared seven sons and seven daughters, of whom Luther, the fifth son, was born in town, in 1808, married, first, Mary Ann Hutchinson, in 1840, who died in 1842, and for his second wife, Sally Pike, widow of Ira P. Lewis, in 1850. He has had born to him two son, Cyrus, born in 1852, and Charles L., born in 1858. The latter married Marian Coe, in 1879, aruI nas one daughter, Laura Mabel, born in 1882. Mr. Luther Hemingway resides on the homestead.

Rev. Silas Davison, a Baptist minister, was born at Hartland, Vt, in 1766, married Persia Rice, in 1790, and'came to this town in 1796. He reared eight sons and three daughters, of whom Henry C. married Zeruah, daughter of Nathan Kinnie, in 1817, »nd his children were Angeline, Claudius L., Jane P., Henry C. and Elizabeth. Henry C. married Frances M., daughter of Josiah and Mary Ann (Hill) Miles, of Waterford, in 1853, and had four daughters, namely, Mary A. (Mrs. Thomas Albee), of Littleton, N. H., Jennie (Mrs. John Needham), of Canada, Angie Belle and Lizzie Josie. Mr. Davison until recently lived on road 51. Claudius L., born in 1821, married Rebecca, daughter of Capt. Walter and Rebecca B. Wright, in 1845, is postmaster at Lower Waterford, and resides on road 51. His daughter, Leanda R., married Lyman B. Church, and has one daughter, Stella Rebecca.

Abel Goss settled in Waterford, in 1792, on the place where his grandson, Henry M., now resides. The latter, son of Abel and Amanda (Hibbard) Goss, was born in 1829, married Hannah B., daughter of Lucius and Mercy (Adams) Carpenter, in 1856, and has had born to him two sons and four daughters, as follows: Carrie M. (Mrs. Charles Osterhout), of Ohio; Hattie G., who died in 1867, aged eight years; Helen A., Henry, Hannah G. and Lucius C.

Alpheus Bugbee came to Waterford, from Woodstock, Conn., about 1797, and located on the place where his granddaughter, Mrs. George S. Russell, now lives. His son Charles, born in 1797, married Lucy Carpenter, in 1821, and reared five sons and six daughters, of whom Lewis, Fieling E., Riley, Lucy E., Louisa A., Maria L. and Adaline are living. Lucy E. married George S. Russell, in 1845, and has had two daughters, one of whom died in infancy, and Mary Emma, who was born in 1852. The latter married Edgar O. Cushman, in 1878, and has three sons, Edgar R., Fred S. and Walter C. Mr. Russell resides on the Bugbee homestead, on road 1. Fieling E., son of Charles, was born at Waterford, in 1829, married Julia A., daughter of Curtis and Abigail Nichols, in 1851, and has had one son and four daughters, viz.: Ada E. (Mrs. H. O. Lyon), who had two sons and one daughter, and died in 1881; Eleanor J., who died in 1875, aged seven years; Walter F., who died at the age of three years; Inez F., at home; and Vinnie A. (Mrs. Adron Brown), of St. Johnsbury. Mr. Bugbee served in the late war, in Co. E, 2d Vt. Vols., and now resides on road 9.

Eli Green, son of Samuel and Olive (Ranger) Green, came to this town in

1799, married Lucinda Graves, and reared five sons and seven daughters, of whom one son and five daughters are living. His son Lorenzo was born in 1822, married Elizabeth J., daughter of Zachariah and Dorcas (Wheeler) Senter, January 31, 1854, who bore him two daughters, Emma M. and Nellie A. His wife died December 14, 1882. Mr. Green owns and occupies the homestead.

Elijah Freeman came to this town, from Hanover, N. H., in 1800. His son Arad married Desire Currier, located on the place where L. D. Freeman now lives, and reared one son and one daughter. His son Lucius S., born in 1812, was town clerk forty years, and married Sophronia Hutchinson in 1840. Lorenzo D., born in 1843, married Diantha S. Miles, in 1863, and now resides in Lower Waterford village. His children are Rosa E., Charles C., Mary D., Ellsworth B. and Myra M.

Aaron Freeman, son of Elijah and Olive (Hovey) Freeman, was born at Norwich, Vt., December 31. 1784, and came with his father to Waterford in

1800. He married Hannah, daughter of Roger Ross, of Templeton, Mass., in 1809, and had one daughter, Caroline R. The latter married Dennis May, a son of Elisha and Polly (Underwood) May, in 1832. They have reared three daughters, namely, Ellen Caroline, who married H. N. Hutchinson, and lives at Concord, Vt.; Susan R., who married Charles H. Goss, of this town; and Mary D., who married James Merrill, of North Haverhill, N. H. Mr. May owns and occupies the Freeman homestead.

Dr. Richard F. Rowell came to this town at an early day, studied medicine with Dr. William McDale, and began practice in 1825. He married Melinda Millin, in 1826, and reared six sons and six daughters, of whom four sons served in the late war. He died in 1873, aged eighty-five years. His son Daniel M. was born in 1842, enlisted in the war for the Union at the age of nineteen years, and was at the battles of Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and many others. He married, first, Dora Nutting, in 1867, and his children are Katie A., George B., John C. and Charles H. Mr. Rowell married for his second wife, Mary A. Boudell, widow of G. A. Farrer, who had children as follows: Edna P., Lizzie M. and Amanda M. Mr. Rowell resides in the village.

William Brown came to Waterford about 1800, and located on the place where Bradley D. now lives. His son Elisha married Mehitable, daughter of Oliver Taylor, in 1807, and had born to him two sons and six daughters, of whom Louisa is the widow of Thomas Bickford, and Lorana is the widow of Jonas Styles. Bradley D., son of Elisha, was born in 18)8, married Mary M., daughter of Royal and Eliza (Mason) Ross, in 1846, and has had born to him two sons and one daughter, Amanda L., Jefferson E., who lives in Iowa, and Elisha W. The latter, born in 1852, married Ella H. Blodget, in 1880, who died in 1882. He married for his second wife Eliza C., daughter of Willard and Jane (Parker) Kinnie, in 1882, and has one son, Harry, born in 1884. E. W. Brown occupies the homestead with his father.

Jesse Stoddard came to Waterford from Chesterfield, N. H, about 1800, and located on the place where N. G. Reed now lives. He married Hannah Willard and reared three sons and seven daughters. His son Willard, born here in 1808, married Hannah S. Benton in 1829, and reared five sons and six daughters, eight of whom are living, and three, Esther M. (Mrs. R. M. Humphrey), Josiah W. and Samuel S. live in town. Josiah W., born in 1830, married Philoma A., daughter of Jerred and Mary (Burbank) Willy, in 1859, and has had four sons, namely, Frank G., Willard J., who was born in 1863 and died in 1884; George A. and Henry C. Mr. Stoddard resides on road 55.

Benjamin Hutchinson, a descendant of Richard Hutchinson who came to America in 1634, was born in Royalston, Mass., came to Waterford in 1801, and located on road 30. He married Nabby Rogers, who bore him two sons and two daughters, namely, Polly, who died young, Abigail (Mrs. R. P. Porter), Philo J., now dead, and Benjamin, who was born in 1803. The latter married Sophronia Richardson, in 1834, and has had born to him five sons and one daughter, viz.: Benajah F., born in 1835; Joseph W., whowas killed at the battle of Cold Harbor; Annett R. (Mrs. S. E. Grout), of West Concord, Vt.; Abial, who died-young; Herbert M. B., who died in 1867, aged nineteen years; and Abiel S., of California. Benajah F. Hutchinson is a farmer, and resides on road 8.

John Lee was born in Moultenborough, N. H., in 1777, and came to Waterford in 1801. He married Lydia Blake, in 1802, and reared one son and three daughters, of whom Nathaniel married Isabella M., daughter of John S. and Lydia (Ricker) Johnson, in 1835, and had born to him five sons and one daughter, viz.: John R., Edward P., Oscar R., who was killed at the battle of Cedar Creek, Albert E., born in 1844, Howard J., and Abbie M., who was born in 1853, and died in 1858. Mr. Lee purchased the Samuel Spaulding farm in 1841, where he died in 1885. Albert E. married Hannah Wright, widow of Charles Silsby, in 1875, and lives on the homestead, onroad 3.

Asa Hovey came to this town from Hampton, Conn., and located on the place where Frank Carter now lives, about 1803. His son William, born it» 1797, married Lydia, daughter of Abial and Rebecca Richardson, in 1820. Of his six sons and three daughters, William Mosley lives in the town, Jacob G. resides in St. Johnsbury, Edwin L. also lives in St. Johnsbury, and Emory E. resides in town. The latter was born in 1841, married Emily C., daughter of Orson and Julia (Morse) Cushman, in 1864, and had four sons and two daughters, namely, Fred E., Frank O., Stephen R., Nellie C , Guy W. and Edna E. Mr. Hovey occupies the homestead on road 40, corner 41.. William Mosley was born in 1831, married, first, Sylvia, daughter of Josiah Hastings, in 1855, who bore him three sons, Fred M., Edward E., and Harley M., and died in 1874. He married for his second wife Lucy A. Washburn, of Enfield, N. H., in 1877, who has borne him one son, Herbert. Mr. Hovey resides on road 17.

John Stiles came to Waterford, from Keene, N. H., soon after 1800, married Annie, daughter of Thomas Hill. in 1802, and reared two sons and twodaughters. He built a saw-mill at the foot of Stiles pond in 1807. His son John was born in 1806, married S1lly Brisjham, of St. Johnsbury East, in 1829, and had one son and one daughter, George W. and Lizzette (Mrs. J. L. Marshall), of Windsor, Vt. George W., born in 1829, married Parthenia A. Calkins, in 1850, and has had one son and one daughter, Edna M., who> married Ellery Potter, and died in 1878, and Wallace G. The latter, born in 1855, married Minnie, daughter of Ira and Rose M. Wood, April 29, 1885. Mr. Stiles resides on road 3.

Josiah Hastings was born at Westmoreland, N. H., in 1786, came her in. 1807, and located on road 41. He married Mary Packard, and reared three sons and four daughters, viz.: Josiah W., Curtis, who died in 1867, Joseph,. who died aged eighteen years, Harriet, who died in 1850, Mary J., who married E. O. Bennett, and died in 1856, Almira C., who married S. T. Bennett,. and died in 1863, and Sylvia, who married W. M. Hovey, and died in 1874. Josiah W., born in 1815, married Lydia, daughter of Isaac and Thankful (Town) Richardson, in 1845, an0" has two sons, Stephen J. and Frank W. The latter was born in 1856, married Emily E., daughter of John and Elizabeth (Blue) Houghton, in 1878, has two sons and one daughter, Edith B., Ira B. and Hugh W., and resides with his father, on road 52. Josiah W. served as town representative in 1864-65. Stephen J. was born in 1850, attended Dartmouth college, and married Althea C., daughter of Amos B. Carpenter, in 1871. He has had one son and two daughters, nanely, Warren, born February 14, 1872, and died September 3, 1874, Althea L., born in 1875, and Ruth B., born 1877, and died August 15, 1885. Mr. Hastings was town representative in 1882, and has served as selectman. He resides on road 14.

Simeon Hill came to this town, from Walpole, N. H., about 1808, and kept tavern until 1810. He reared six sons and two daughters, one of whom, Ambrose, was born in 1812, married Louisa Foss, in 1835, and reared four sons and one daughter. His son Charles T. married Julia C. Young, in 1874, and has two sons and three daughters, namely, George A., Lottie E., Louisa J., Charles W. and Mary Edna. Mr. Hill resides on the homestead, on road 3.

Willard C. Hill, son of Cyrus T. and Sarah (Ladd) Hill, was born in 1844, married Hannah, daughter of John P. and Hannah (Ward) Weeks, in 1874, and has one son, Guy W., born in 1878. Mr. Hill is a farmer, and with his father, Cyrus T., lives on road 23.

Isaiah Carpenter, a descendant of William Carpenter who came to America in 1638, came to this town with his wife, Caroline Bugley, in 1808, and located on the place where Amos B. Carpenter, now lives. He reared four sons and four daughters, of whom two sons and two daughters are living, viz.: Maria (Mrs. E. H. Carpenter), of New Jersey, Amos B., Eliza A (Mrs. Judge Jonathan Ross), of St. Johnsbury, and Judge A. P. Carpenter, of Concord, N. H. Amos B., born in 1818, married Coslie B., daughter of Ezra and Hannah (Burleigh) Parker, and has had born to him four sons and four daughters, namely, Martha W. (Mrs. Stillman F. Cutting), of Concord, Vt., Althea C. (Mrs. S. J. Hastings), of Waterford, Philander, Caroline B., who married L. J. Cummings, and died in 1881, Amos H., who is a lawyer, and resides in California, Coslie May (Mrs. L. J. Cummings),'of Waterford, Ezra P. and Miner B. Mr. Carpenter is assistant postmaster at West Waterford, and resides on the homestead.

Moses Ladd, son of Thyng and Elizabeth Ladd, was born in Salisbury, N. H., married Hannah, daughter of Parker Carr, in 1812, and came to Waterford in 1814. His six sons and four daughters were as follows : Roxiana (Mrs. Jonathan Adams), Sarah Ann (Mrs. Cyrus Hill), of Waterford, Mary Ann, who died at the age of thirty six, Willard, of Massachusetts, John, of St. Johnsbury, Orange S., of this town, Alonzo, of St. Johnsbury, Jane B. and Richardson, both of West Concord, and Milo E., who died at the age of twenty-one. Orange S., born in 1825, married Ann Eliza, daughter of Quincy B. and Electa (McGaffy) Parker, and has one son and two daughters, namely, Mary Etta, a teacher, Hattie A. (Mrs. Benjamin F. Weeks), of Sum. merville, and Milo E., at home.

James Works, son of Tames, was born in Westmoreland, N. H., December 31, 1787, married Almira, daughter of Hezekiah Aldrich, and came to this town in 1816. He has had born to him two sons and three daughters, of whom Chandler lives in this town. Adaline died as the age of twenty-six, and Barton was born in 1829. The latter served in the late war, in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols., mairied Laura Newhall, widow of Alvin Harvey, of Kirby, in 1881, and has one son, Walter C. Harvey. Barton occupies the homestead with his father, on road 3. The latter is the oldest man in Waterford.

George Ide, son of Joseph and Almira Ide, was born on the place where he now lives, in 1828. He learned the tanner's trade, and married Mary, daughter of Robert Furby, in 1861, who died in 1867. He bought the Richardson saw-mill in 1865. Mrs. Ide, mother of George, is eighty-five years of age, is a widow, and resides with her son George, at the village.

Ephraim Blotlgett, born in New Hampshire, in 1815, came here at the age of twenty-one years, and married Louisa Kidder. His four sons and two daughters were as follows: Ephraim A., Nelson V. who died in the army, Volney B. and Austin E., both of this town, Louisa M. (Mrs. J. M. Gannett), and Almira F. (Mrs. Fred Blodgett), of this town. Ephraim A. married Martha, daughter of Philip and Sarah (Winslow) Thomas, in 1872, and has two sons, Royal E. and Harley E. Mr. Blodgett is a farmer, and resides on road 40.

Seth P. Moulton, son of Alpheus and Sarah (Fowler) Moulton, was born in Lyman, N. H., in 1833, and came here with his father when twelve years of age. He married Sarah, daughter of Isaac N. and Louisa (St. Clair) Colby, of Danville, September 10, 1867. Mr. Moulton has been selectman, and has held many town offices. He resides on a farm in the easterly part of the village.

Niles G. Johnson, son of Peter, was born in Lunenburgh, Vt.,in 1843, and came to Waterford in 1865. He married Ellen, daughter of Isaac Lewis, in 1865, has one daughter, Flora W., born in 1869, and resides on road 55.

Thaddeus B. Wheeler, son of George W., was born in Littleton, N. H., in 1820, and married Maria A. Choate, in 1846. He resided in Littleton and St. Johnsbury several years, and came to this town in 1870. He resides on road 15.

Frank W. Brown, son of Marcus and Ruth Brown, was born in Bethlehem, N. H., in 1845, married Jennie L., daughter of Nathan W. Millen, in 1868, and is selectman. His children are Celia H., Edward M. and Ruth E. Mr. Brown lives on the Pike homestead, which was settled in 1791, on road 46 corner 47.

Charles H. White, son of John and Martha (Drown) White, was born in Sheffield in 1859, and in the spring of 1885 bought the John Haughton farm, on road 46. He is a farmer, and his mother, and grandfather James Drown, aged eighty-three years, live with him.

Stewart B. Horr was born in Maine in 1846, served in the late war, in Co. B, 32d Me. Vols., was at the battles of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and many others, and was wounded in the right arm. He married Celia A., daughter of Samuel Church, in 1878, and resides on road 46.

Thomas Mason, son of Thomas, was born in Ireland, in 1814, and came to America at the age of nineteen years. He married Jane, daughter of Hon. James Johnson, who bore him four sons and three (laughters, as follows: George H., Ellen, Martha, a teacher, Emily, who died in 1882, aged twenty-three years, John, Thomas and Albert. Mr. Mason is a prosperous farmer, is largely engaged in dairying, and in 1853 bought the Daniel Havens farm, on road 38.

Samuel D. Astle, son of Joseph, who served in the English army, was born in Shipton, Canada, in 1836, and came to Waterford in 1857. He married Harriet C, daughter of Anthony and Mary Ann (Kidder) Phelps, in 1857, who bore him five sons and three daughter, viz.: Helen A. (Mrs. Arthur Hatch), Ralph B., of Littleton, Sam Joe, Katie A., Willie A., Fred D., Frank M. and Hattie M. Mr. Astle is a tanner, and manufacturer of lumber, and resides at the village.

Josiah Newton married Sarah Waterman, and came to Waterford in 1861. Of his three sons and one daughter, James W. and Daniel live in town, Lucy A. became Mrs. George W. Young, and Richard H., born in 1847, married Harriet A., daughter of Franklin and Abigail (Tenney) Richardson, in 1860, and has two sons, Leon R. and Ernest A. He resides on road 21.

George West, son of Richard, was born in Summersetshire, England, in 1835, came to America in 1854, and located in this town in 1862. He married Clara Sisson, in 1863, and has had born to him five sons and three daughters, namely, Herbert W., Albert G., Everett R., Vernie, Vennie, Clara, Nina and Nena. Mr. West resides on road 11.

Samuel Morrison, son of George, was born in Ireland, in 1847, and came to America at the age of seventeen years. He learned the blacksmith's trade, and located in Waterford, in 1868. He married Elvira F., daughter of Jehiei and Mary (Willy) Thurber, in 1874, who has borne him four sons and two daughters, viz.: Mary E., who died in infancy, Charles, Harry H., Clarence A., Gertrude E., who died in infancy, and Samuel M. Mr. Morrison resides in the village of Lower Waterford. George Morrison, son of George, and brother of Samuel, was born in Ireland, in 1839, and came to America at the age of sixteen years. He served in the late war, in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols., was at the battles of the Wilderness and Cold Harbor, was taken prisoner at Welden Railroad, and was confined in Andersonville prison. He married Catherine Morrison, in 1870, and has three sons and one daughter, namely, Eliza, Samuel, William G. and Harvey B. Mr. Morrison resides on road 44.

Harvey C. Kinne, son of Willard and Mary (Parker) Kinne, engaged in mercantile business in this town, and has been town clerk and postmaster. He married Emma C., daughter of George A. Prouty, in 1879, and has one daughter, Bessie B. Mr. Kinne lives in the village.

James W. Curtis, son of Amos, was born in Morgan, Vt., in 1833, and learned the shoemakers trade. He has had.two sons, Arthur J., born in 1865, and died in 1866, and John E., born in 1866. Mr. Curtis served in the late war, in Co. K, 15th Vt. Vols. He resides on road 39.

Charles D. Harris, son of Timothy, was born in Danville, Vt., in 1842, and at the age of twenty-one years enlisted in the army, in Co, M, 11th Vt. Vols. He was at the battles of Spottsylvania, Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Winchester, Cedar Creek and others, and was wounded in the thigh at the battle of Winchester. He married Isabella, daughter of Independent Kellogg, in 1866, and has one son and two daughters, namely, Charles E.,born in 1868, Nellie E., born in 1874, and Bertha May, born in 1878. Mr. Harris resides on road 36.

Allison N. Daniels, son of Hiram, married Lucia C., daughter of Archibald McLacklin, of Peacham, Vt., in 1882, and has one daughter, Bertha May, born in 1885. Mr. Daniels resides on road 15.

Judge Ezra A. Parks, son of Eli, was born in Passumpsic, Vt., in 1821, married Louise M., daughter of Preston Thayer, in 1844, who bore him three sons and three daughters, as follows: Helen M., widow of Henry Steele, of Massachusetts, Willie H., who died in infancy, Charles E., of Massachusetts, Emily L. (Mrs. R. P. Eastman), of Brooklyn, N. Y., Alice M. and Ezra, who died young. Mr. Parks was a member of the legislature in 1870-71, and was assistant county judge. He is a dealer in stock and produce, and resides about a mile north of Passumpsic village.

George C. Lawrence, son of David, was born in Danville, in 1813, married Hannah I., daughter of George I. Barker, in 1838, and has had born to him two daughters, Hattie I. and Addie M., who died at the age of fdur years, and has one adopted daughter, Mary E. (Mrs. C. E. Peck), of Passumpsic. Hattie I. married L. P. Winslow, who had one daughter, Cora B. (Mrs. Homer E. Brewster), in 1872. Mr. Lawrence lives on road 12.

Richardson B. Graves was born in Athol, Mass., in 1775, married Lovina Bradford, in December, 1801, and located near Concord Corners, Vt., about 1796. His son Nathan J., born in 1802, married Lucy A. Barnard, in 1826, and had two sons, one who died in infancy, and Richardson B., born in 1828. Nathan J. died in 1873. Richardson B. married Laura A. King, in 1856, who bore him one son, Herbert K., born in 1858. Mrs. Graves died in 1881. Herbert K. married Abbie H., daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Farnham) Hudson, October 12, 1880, and has had born to him one son, who died in infancy. Mr. Graves came to Waterford in 1881, and lives on road 3.

George T. Blancher, son of William, was born in Lyndon, Vt.. in 1833, married Almira H., daughter of Cornelius Adams, in 1855, and had three sons and one daughter, namely, Charles E., who died in infancy, Mark C., Estella A. and Edgar F., who lives in Dakota. Mr. Blancher served in the late war, enlisting in 1862, was wounded on the march to Petersburg, and died August i, 1864. Mrs. Blancher owns a farm on road 7.

John Sanborn, son of John, was born in Kirby, Vt., in 1830, and married three times, first, Ellen Hall, in 1855, who bore him one son and one daughter, John H., of Michigan, and Jennie L. (Mrs. E. I. Williams), of Concord, Vt. His wife died in 1864, and he married for his second wife Susan Inman, who died in a month after marriage. Mr. Sanborn then married for his third wife Rowena W., daughter of Elijah Freeman, in 1865. He lives on road 48.

Nathaniel G. Reed, son of Stephen, was born in Kirby, in 1839, served in the late war, enlisting in May, 1861, in Co. I, 3d Vt. Vols., and was at the battles of Yorktown, Cold Harbor, Seven Pines, 2d Battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg and many others. He married Lizzie J., daughter of Moses Lewis, in 1865, and has one daughter, Lizzie Belle. Mr. Reed is a blacksmith and wheelwright, and resides on road 50.

Rufus W. Remick, son of William B., was born in 1855, married Mary A., daughter of John and Sarah K. Greeley, in 1875, and has two sons and one daughter, Harry E., Mabel D. and Homer W. Mr. Remick is a farmer, and resides on road 42 corner 43.

Edwin Bowman, son of Willard and Tryphena (Abbott) Bowman, was born at Littleton, N. H., in 1843, and at the age of twenty years enlisted in Co. D, 13th N. H. Vols., in the War for the Union. He was at the battles of Fredericksburg, Cold Harbor, Drury's Bluff, Petersburg and others. He married Irene H., daughter of Abial and Jane Richardson, in 1865, and has three sons and one daughter, namely, Nellie I., Eddie A., Willie R. and Charles H. Mr. Bowman is manager of the hotel at Lower Waterford.

George R. Barker, son of George I., was born January 28, 1815, married Mary J., daughter of Ira Mann, in 1840, and has had born to him two sons and three daughters, viz.: Charlotte M. (Mrs. Norman Weeks), who died in 1872, Charles A., who died at the age of twenty-two years, Albert G., who lives at home, Mary E. (Mrs. Charles Tarlton), who died in 1880, and Etta F., who lives at home. Mr. Barker resides on road 12.

Milo Williams, son of Warner, was born in Concord, Vt., in 1838, married Jennie S., daughter of Ansel Hoadley, in 1867, and has two daughters, Bertha Jennie and Lula Nellie. Mr. Williams is a farmer, and resides on road 10.

Amasa Hastings was born in Ashburnham, Mass., and removed to Waterford, in 1800. He was one of the pioneers of West Waterford, settling in the wilderness, a mile from any neighbor, going to and from his claim by marked trees, and living in a log cabin several years. He married Anna Brown, who was a typical pioneer wife, and cheerfully endured the privations and hardships incidental to backwoods life. On one occasion she went to the field surrounding the cabin to gather green corn and beans for her dinner, and found it in the possession of a huge black bear. She took in the situation and determined to "hold the fort," and with steady nerve she shook her apron in defiance of Mr. Bruin, and which drove him from the field and allowed her to collect her dinner unmolested. They remained on this farm until the approach of old age, when they sold to their third son, Moses, and removed to a small farm where they spent the residue of their days. Mrs. Hastings died at about the age of seventy years. Mr. Hastings survived her a few years, and died at the advanced age of eighty years. They were parents of twelve children, ten of whom arrived at an adult age. Only two of them are now living, viz.: Amasa, Jr., who married Carolihe Washburn and settled first in Brighton, then in about three years he returned to Waterford, settled on a farm, remained sixteen years, sold and removed to a farm in St. Johnsbury. where he spent the ensuing sixteen years, then resided on a small farm in West Concord the next ten years, and finally returned to St. Johnsbury and settled in the neat little village of Summerville, where he now resides. He second married his present wife, Mrs. Adaline Hutchinson, in November 1884. The other surviving son is Jefferson Hastings, a farmer residing in Newark, Vt.

The Lower Waterford Congregational church.—This church was organized by an ecclesiastical council of the Congregational churches in this vicinity. May 30, 1798, with eight members, viz.: John Grow and wife, Reuben Buck and wife, Samuel Soper and wife, and Samuel Fletcher and wife. The same council that organized the church ordained the Rev. Asa Carpenter to the ministry and care of the church, and he labored with them till June 18, 1816. The sacrament of the Lord's supper was administered first regularly the first Sabbath in August, 1798, and each member was taxed one shilling for support of the table. The following is a copy of a vote taken October 2, 1798:—

"Voted, That in order to support the Sacrament each member at onetime contribute one shilling; as soon as that money is expended that the same sum be contributed again, and as often as need may require.

"Attest Asa Carpenter, pastor."

After the dismissal of Rev. Asa Carpenter, the Rev. Reuben Mason labored with this church as a religious teacher, and was ordained as a minister of the gospel of this church October 6, 1819, and continued so to labor until about 1825, when the Rev. Thomas Hall was ordained, September 28. The anti-masonic excitement of 1833, '34 and'35 caused his removal for a few years, but his final dismission did not take place till January 31, 1844. Rev. Ebenezer Smith preached some two years, was then ordained and installed August 18, 1846, and dismissed by council January 8, 1848. The Rev. Francis Warriner began work with the church April 14, 1848, and was installed February 22, 1854. The resignation of Rev. F. Warriner was acted upon June 18, 1860. July 23, 1860, Rev. George Bard was called, and a vote to unite with Mr. Bard in calling a council to ordain and install was taken October 2, 1860, and on January 30, 1866, Mr. Bard was dismissed" by council. The Rev. Daniel McClenning then labored with the church from the summer of 1866, till July, 1868. Rev. E. P. Stone next worked as spiritual teacher from April, 1870, till Rev. Moses H. Wells commenced labor as pastor, about July, 1871, and was installed September 5, 1871, and continued his labors till June I, 1878. The Rev. C. F. Morse then came to the society, as acting pastor, about October 1878, and so served till December, 1881. The Rev. C. M. Winch has labored here as acting pastor since April 16, 1882. The church building was erected in 1859, and dedicated January 11, 1860. It will accommodate 300 persons, and is valued, including grounds, etc., at $4,000.00.

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