Thursday, November 17, 2011

Village of Upper Waterford - Before Flooding

The village of Upper Waterford before dam construction and subsequent flooding (date of photo unknown).

The view is west along Bridge Street. In the opposite direction (behind the photographer), Bridge St. goes down to the river and across to Littleton, NH & Pattenville, NH). For many years it was a toll bridge.

The intersection in the middle of the photo is that of Main Street which runs left-to-right in the picture, Bridge St. (foreground), and High Street (up the hill just to the left of the middle of the picture).

In the very foreground of the picture, Trout Brook runs under Bridge St. in front of the white house on the right. This house is the Ide house (Mrs. A. Ide and E. Ide)

The photographer is standing directly in front of the home of S. Streeter which is off-camera to the immediate left.

The house seen in the middle of the picture towards the top is Nathan Pike's house and is roughly where the boat launch and dock are located now (end of Old County Rd at the Moore Reservoir) with the present water level.

The large building to the left of the intersection of the roads is the Streeter Hotel, where the carriage house with its three openings is visible.

Not visible in this photo, several hundred yards down Main Street to the right was the Ide and Moulton starch factory and the Gregory and Ide sawmill, at the "Y" junction where the road goes up to Joslin Turn (near Joslin Falls) towards the town of Concord.


  1. I'm looking for information about the inhabitants of this town in 1873. My great-grandmother was supposedly born here in that year. Can you tell me where I could find some town records? Were they moved somewhere when the town was flooded?

  2. Upper Waterford was one village (at the time, the main one) in the Town of Waterford; records were smoothly moved during the years-long process that led to flooding that region. Records can be found today as town records for Waterford. However, I suspect births and deaths are easier to find via the Vermont state records. You are welcome to e-mail me with the name of your great-grandmother and I'll let you know what I have available in the Waterford history and related documents. Use BethPoet at to get in touch!