Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Village - January 1960

This historic image shows the Lower Waterford Church and a small house in the village of Waterford, January 1960.  The (fairly newly constructed) Moore dam is in the background.

The church is a simple, wood-frame, gable-roof church with a two-tiered spire set at the front of the roofline. A small finial decorates the very tip of the spire. The simple church is very characteristic of many early 19th century Vermont churches, with their spires dotting the rural landscape. Elongated windows open into the faƩade, and two main doors provide access at the front of the church. Across the road from the church sits a modest, wood-frame, gable-roof dwelling. Two small dormers project from either side of the roof, and a very crude porch provides shelter on the right side of the house. A small wing protrudes from the rear. A brick chimney rises from the back of the roof. Simple utility lines are visible in the foreground of the image. A small farm complex is located in the fields behind the main road. Deciduous trees line the road at the foreground, and a mix of open fields and forest spread out into the background. Hills rise up along the horizon. The ground is covered with a thin layer of snow. The season is winter.


  1. Waterford has no town hall in this century. Currently Town Meeting is held at the school on Duck Pond Road. However, this church was the site of Town Meeting for many years before that.

  2. The "small" house opposite the church is the 1795 "brick-bottom" tavern house. Originally, it was Samuel Hodby's Tavern, but by 1960 it was part of the Rabbit Hill Motor Inn.